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Chapter 1: Introduction to the Presentation

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Chapter 2: Basics of Colon And Rectal Anatomy

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Chapter 3: Colon Hydrotherapy Fundamentals
See Chapter 3 (give lots of loading time!)

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Chapter 4: Enema Fundamentals

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Chapter 5: Enema Equipment: Bags

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Chapter 6: Enema Equipment: Nozzles

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Chapter 7: Enema Intake/Retention Devices

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Chapter 8: Enema Equipment: Colon Tubes

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Chapter 9: General Review of Enema Positions

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Chapter 10: Proper Taking of Bathroom Enemas

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Chapter 11: Retention and 'Implant' Enemas

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Chapter 12: Enemas Using Colon Tubes

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Chapter 13: Enemas Maximizing Gravity

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Chapter 14: Enema Solutions and Mixtures

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Chapter 15: Dual, Multiple and Sequential Enemas

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Chapter 16: Safely Taking High Volume Enemas

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Chapter 17: Rapid Flow Enemas

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Chapter 18: Enemas Using Special Positions

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Chapter 19: Enemas While Travelling

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Chapter 20: Colon Cleansing Links and Resources

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